Management Of Projects


 Paramount is the need to incorporate a management methodology, a wholly independent and professional management avoiding conflict of interests and representing those of the Mandator  whose purpose it is to prevent errors, optimize costs, achieve deadlines and attain the quality objectives set out for the project at commencement.              

Thus, a professional team of J P Lecaros & Cía. Ltda. is formed at the service of the Mandator, possessed of technical resources and control enabling him to maintain a high level of leadership on the project, smooth ability to dialogue with project designers and building contractors at a higher level of technical authority.

Certain conflicts of interest frequently arise during the development of a project which require highly delicate and often complex coordination among leadership teams. Our company has the experience in achieving timely resolutions to such difficulties thus remaining within pre-established construction deadlines costs.

In its first stage, this area is responsible for the selection and specialty projects coordination, calibration, and reference budget, elaboration of bidding conditions, contractor selection, Bid Assessment and Assignments and Preparation of the Building Contract.

Our commitment implies a fully professional attitude in which responsibility, efficiency  and honesty are paramount. With this overall service, customers save a substantial amount of time and lower the final cost.


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