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Juan Pablo Lecaros Lira, Managing Director

Obtained his degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Chile and studied in Georgetown, Washington D.C. before training in the construction industry in Germany. Prior to forming his own company, he served as an engineer responsible for the construction works of Desco Building Company where he performed works of about 430,000 ft². He then co-founded and co-directed JP LECAROS BUILDING CO. throughout 15 years, firm that gained a prestigious name in the oversight of housing projects (of approximately 861,000 ft²) within the main residential boroughs of Santiago.
JP LECAROS & COMPAÑÍA LTDA INGENIERÍA Y CONSTRUCCIÓN was founded in 1979. Today, thanks to the professionalism of its team, the company is recognized in the field of Technical Inspection of Works (ITO), Engineering Consulting and Project Management.

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